The Plot

G is the electrical engineer turned domestic engineer.  She is loving life as a stay-at-home mom for her husband and three kids but shares all the times she finds herself saying, "This must be a joke..." She helps out in the science lab at her kids' elementary school and makes butt jokes with the Webelos Scouts as their den leader for her church congregation.  When she can scrape together a few moments, she likes sewing, photography, putting on a fresh set of Jamberry nail wraps, cooking, and chocolate, but never cleaning.

M is bringing home the bacon, obsessively doing calculations to build his own telescope, meticulously reloading rifle ammo, and keeping G smiling.

Claire started middle school. She still loves playing soccer (while sticking her tongue out in concentration).  She joined the middle school band and surprised us by falling in love with... the BASSOON?!?!? She blind-sides us every day with that brain of hers and we're all riding the roller-coaster ride that is her adolescent mood swings!

Scott is working hard to maintain his underweight status and is inspiring women to deep-seated jealousy over his eyelashes. We have to be careful what books we leave lying around, because whatever it is, he'll read it - instruction manuals included. He can be persuaded to do almost anything in exchange for video/computer game time.  His hilarious sense of humor and sensitive heart are unleashing themselves on the 4th grade.

Kate has everyone she meets wrapped around her little finger.  She is so girly it's a bit cliche. This little diva gets into as much trouble as possible while still being the most lovable child ever (and avoiding ever having to wear shoes). She's rockin' the 1st grade.

Hilarity ensues.