Monday, September 13, 2010

Get the Gift - My Favorite Shower Game

I did a baby shower several years ago where I had to come up with a game. Since then, I've used it again and several people have asked for the the info on it too, so I thought I'd post it here. Then I can just give people a link when they want info on it and I can share with anyone else out there who might be looking for a good shower game. I love this game!

The idea for the game is loosely based on Pass the Parcel, which we played at some of my birthday parties growing up. I wanted to play a game where lots of people got a little prize. I like to spread the love :) So I put my present to the guest of honor in the middle, then I wrapped it in many layers of wrapping. (I stock up on cheap stuff after Christmas that doesn't look like Christmas paper and intersperse it with blank newsprint or whatever else I have around. You could even just use newspaper to be inexpensive.) Inside each layer I put a little favor. I usually buy packs of mini-nail polish and mini-rolls of ribbon at the Target Dollar Spot and then split them up. You could also use something like candy or whatever you want.

The second element I wanted to incorporate is a get-to-know you quality to the game, so rather than just "pass the parcel" I thought we could decide who to pass it to next based on something about that person. My friend had found a few rhymes on the internet (source unknown), so I started with those but there were only about ten. I added to them so there would be plenty for everyone to get one. I taped a rhyme to the top of each layer of the wrapping. Start with the last rhyme on the innermost wrapping and then put the first rhyme on the outermost layer of wrapping.

So here's how it works. You hand the gift to the guest of honor and have her read the first poem from the outside. Here are the little rhymes with the description of the "winner" in bold:

You thought all the gifts were meant for you,
But I have other items too.
So hold up this gift and look all around
Then pass to the one with eyes of
darkest brown.

You might think you are the lucky one,
But let's all try to share the fun!
Look around with eyes discreet
And pass to the one with the smallest feet.

Your feet are tiny and very smallest.
Now hand this to someone very tallest.

Please take your time and don't be harried.
Give this to the one who is longest married.

You must be proud of your married life.
Now pass this on to the newest wife.

Of this parcel you are bereft.
Give it to the one on your left.

The longest earrings we're looking for now.
If you're wearing them, step up with a bow.

Now that you have gotten your treat,
Give this to the one with the largest feet.

Look around with all your might
And pass to the one of shortest height.

Now search for all the buttons you can find.
Look for the most, of any kind.

Now don't get cross and please don't fight,
But pass this to the lady third on the right.

Is she here or is she there?
Find the lady with the shortest hair.

Some of us may live far away.
Who came the furthest to be here today?

No matter where she lives on this earth
This lady is living farthest from the place of her birth.

Though it may make you shy, just a smidge,
Being the oldest comes with privilege.

You're the one whose years are most,
But now the youngest will play host.

To whom is this place the dearest?
Pass this on to the person born nearest.

Her life probably does not feel very calm,
So give this to the one who is the newest mom.

Search in this room, not all through the land
And find the one with the longest nails on her hand.

Your nails are so long! That totally rocks!
Now hand this to the person with the longest locks.

You are given the power to choose.
Pass to whoever you want, you cannot lose!

Give this to the person with the longest name.
Learning to spell it was no silly game!

Now the gift goes to the mom with the oldest child.
She can tell us all about how teenagers are wild.

Look straight ahead is what I ask you to do
Then pass to the one directly across from you.

A little discussion and we'll be able to tell
The lady whose name is shortest to spell.

Opposite of giving the worm to the early bird,
Put the gift in the hand whose knock was last heard.

I know, I know, the rhymes are getting worse.
Pass this to the one with the biggest purse!

I think we should stop now, don't you agree?
So give this last gift to the Mother-to-Be.

(I've never done it, but I'm sure the last rhyme could be changed to "Bride-to-Be" so the game could be used for a bridal shower.)

After each little rhyme is read, the group determines who the "winner" is and passes the gift to them. They unwrap a layer, retrieve their favor that was wrapped inside, and read aloud the next rhyme taped to the outside of the next layer. It's up to you whether you want to allow repeat winners or whether you want to skip people who have already won once and find a runner-up who hasn't gotten anything yet. I wrote enough to allow for 27 winners plus the guest of honor, so obviously you can expand or condense to meet your own needs. Let me know if you have any questions, but I hope you enjoy this game as much as I do!


Kristi said...

I remember that game from my shower! Remember how nice you all were to throw me a shower though we barely knew eachother. That meant so much to me. Seriously. It's weird, I must be getting past the stage of life where people are having their first babies, I haven't been to a shower forever!

Janssen said...

Here is a shower game I can really get behind. Much better than smelling candy bars in diapers.

Leann said...

This is really cute! Question - do you put each gift layer in a box? (if so, where do you find the boxes) Or do you just have it be a big ball of wrapping paper? So when they unwrap the layer, the gift just falls out? How do you make it look nice?

G said...

I either pick a fairly rectangular shaped and not too small innermost gift or put that main one in a box, then I just wrap all the other layers with only paper. As long as you keep the favors in each layer fairly small, they don't make it too lumpy overall. With that many layers, the little lumps almost tend to balance each other out. I put the seams of the wrapping and the favor on alternating sides each layer to help balance things out overall and I don't wrap it too tight or else it's more likely to poke through. It ends up looking almost like a little pillow :) (Yes, the favor just falls out of the wrapping. I guess it shouldn't be too fragile therefore, but it's kinda fun to hunt for it each time.)

becca said...

Thanks for posting this! I remember playing it at Liz's shower. I loved it-- great get to know you game, conversation, and fun too!

becca said...

PS Your blog always makes me laugh. You are hilarious.

Miss you!

Unknown said...

I love this, thanks you so much for posting. I have just completed wrapping my daughters pass the parcel with 21 layers. I used 21 of your "Rhymes".

Unknown said...

I love this. Thanks so much for posting this. I didn't like ANY other Pass the Parcel ones I came across, so I kept searching, then I came across yours. So pleased I persisted. I totally agree with what Janssen had to say.