Friday, February 15, 2013

Balancing Out All the Sugar

After attending 2 different class parties at the elementary school yesterday, taking Kate to preschool, and taking Claire to her church activity after school, there was no way I was cooking a fancy Valentine's Day dinner yesterday.

Besides, the kids were all hopped up on sugar from the days' festivities.  I really needed them to actually eat something not sweet for dinner.  And let's be honest, unless I make waffles or pancakes (which most definitely don't qualify as not sweet), most of the time when I cook something I can only get 1 out of 3 to eat it.

Unless that something is pizza.  Papa Murphy's and their heart shaped pizza to the rescue!

The overall pizza comes heart shaped.  And since it wasn't baked yet when I took it home, I got to pretend like I wasn't totally copping out on doing something nice for Valentine's Day by cutting heart shapes on the pepperoni like I saw on Pinterest!

Caribbean Cruise - Day 4 Part 2 (Grand Cayman)

If you missed any of the other installments, you can find them here:

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Day 4 Part 1 - Grand Cayman


After our morning snorkeling, we caught a taxi.  For the second half of our day in Grand Cayman, we went to relax on 7 Mile Beach:

Confession:  It was still very cloudy and overcast.  You can see the cloudy skies in that photo.  It looks better in this photo than it did even in person for us.  Don't get me wrong, it was absolutely gorgeous, just a little less vivid looking because it was so overcast.

That photo was taken from these tables where we sat and had lunch on the beach:

Mostly, we sat on the beach and read and relaxed:

I spent some time watching this tiny crab chase down this tiny fish as the waves kept coming in and out:

Then we headed back to the ship.  It started to rain and the seas were kinda rough, so it was tricky getting off the tender back onto the ship and it took us awhile.  But as it started to get dark it was fun to see the ship all lit up:

When we got back aboard, we discovered that when M went for a quick swim at 7 Mile Beach, he had his wallet still in his pocket and all the cash was soaked:

Now we can say that we laundered some money in the Cayman Islands!  Luckily M carries a stainless steel wallet, so the cash was the only thing that suffered!

And speaking of money, I have to take a moment to talk about the safe in our room:

Just a little safe for your money and valuables.  Hardly big enough for a purse, let a lone a person!?!????

Or maybe they're worried you'll try to store your pet hamster in there?
I'm sure it's just a standard safe label used on bigger safes as well, but the idea of someone suffocating in that tiny safe had us laughing the whole week.

And last but not least, another towel animal from our stateroom attendant:

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Semi-Aquatic Egg-Laying Valentine Box of Action

Both Claire and Scott were supposed to bring Valentine's Day boxes to school this year, so I was really happy that I got a two-fer.  Both kids wanted a Perry the Platypus box, so we just made two of these:

This isn't really Perry in his cool secret agent "semi-aquatic egg-laying mammal of action" persona,
but his "sedate pet" persona made a much better box.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!