Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Caribbean Cruise - Day 2

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Day 2 - At Sea

Our stateroom really was quite comfortable, but let's talk about the bathroom.

I didn't expect anything huge, don't get me wrong.  In fact, it had more space than I expected what with the medicine cabinet and the shelf under the sink.

But the shower.

The shower was rough.

I mean, I understand that space is at a premium, but I enjoy being able to retrieve the soap if I accidentally drop it.  In this shower if the soap falls, then unless you are a contortionist, just let it go, man.  Just let it go.

I might be exaggerating slightly.  But it was definitely no walk in the park to try and figure out how to shave my legs in that thing.  Especially if I had any dream of not getting my hair wet.

But anyway.  Onto fun stuff.

After leaving Galveston, we spent the whole next day at sea.  We explored the ship a bit.  Here is the "main drag" inside the ship:

We did a few fun things around the ship, but not very much out on deck.  It was a very windy day. The wind made mini golf less a game of skill and more a game of luck!  (Thank goodness too, because if actual skill was involved, I probably wouldn't have beat M!)

We spent the day eating, reading, eating, exploring the ship, eating, watching the ice skating show, eating, looking at art, eating, watching a music and dance show, and eating.  Did I mention that the food was really really good?

Then we got all dressed up for the first formal night and went to eat some more!

The main dining room was pretty cool:

3 stories high!

We were on the 3rd floor in the "Sound of Music" dining room, with tables decorated thusly:

We got to watch these fresh alstroemerias open up in the vase on our table all week:

Because it was the week after Thanksgiving, the ship was all decorated for Christmas and it was really pretty:

When we came back to our room for the night, we saw the first of the towel animals our stateroom attendant left us - a little dog:

He was watching cartoons:

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Mary Lou Hart said...

THanks Gretchen now I know I'll never be able to get Darren to go on a cruise. The shower would absolutely kill him. And honestly if I'm going to vacation with out kids I want a big hugh tub to soak in every night. Sounds like you guys had fun though.