Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Perfect Way to Spend a Cold Rainy Day

I didn't realize how much I missed hot chocolate tea parties with Claire now that she's outgrown them.  But today I rediscovered them with Kate:

Kate and I were stuck inside today while she waited for antibiotics to finish de-contagious-fying her strep throat.

The cups are so tiny they are almost impossible to hold.  Kate spills everywhere - the mess is horrific.  The tiny sticky teacups are a total pain to wash (by hand I might add). The hot chocolate is so full of creamer and vanilla syrup and marshmallows that it's practically like taking shots of syrup.

The only thing sweeter than the hot chocolate is Kate's excitement.

Totally worth it.

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Mary Lou Hart said...

Love it! Abi would be in HEAVEN definitely need to get her a "proper" tea set.