Friday, January 18, 2013

Caribbean Cruise - Day 4 Part 1 (Grand Cayman)

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Day 4 Part 1 (Grand Cayman)

Grand Cayman is a place where you have to ride smaller boats (tenders) from the cruise ship onto shore.  We waited in line kind of early so that we got tickets for the first tenders that morning.  The first thing we did once we got ashore in Grand Cayman was walk just a little ways to the south of the port to Eden Rock for some more snorkeling.  The shore was really rocky there and we climbed down a metal ladder into the water.  On the concrete edge there were a bunch of cute little crabs!  Can you see them in this photo?

There was much more to see snorkeling here than where we went in Cozumel.  Here there was a true reef and it was only about 50 yards or so off shore.  But the weather in Grand Cayman was even cloudier and grayer than it had been in Cozumel, so it was even harder to get any photos from the point-and-shoot camera inside a waterproof bag.  Sorry.

Note the actual reefiness.

Look, a blue... thing:

So yah, taking pictures didn't turn out so well.  In fact, it was drizzling a tiny bit while we snorkeled.  And the reef was fairly deep down so there just wasn't much of the gray overcast light getting down there.  This picture almost kind of turned out:

We saw a puffer fish and a flat fish. But no photos of those. This was a cool black trigger fish:

We saw TONS of different fish, but I don't know the names of most of them. And then, of course, there were lots of sergeant majors again:

They were getting super close to us again.  Here you can see how many were swimming between M and me:

But the most noteworthy thing was this:

The fish were amazing, but after awhile it was like we just kept seeing the same super cool stuff again and again. So after a couple hours of not very warm salt water, we were done.

As we walked back toward the port in order to catch a taxi, we picked up coconut water from a street vendor to quench our thirst:

M was so excited, he wet himself:

M is probably gonna hate me for joking about that.  So yah, just to clarify:  Really it was just that our swim suits were still wet from snorkeling.  And of course, of course, any wetness anywhere on your body always seems to manifest itself in the general crotch region.  Why is that?  Probably to maximize embarrassment and keep us humble.

Day 4 To Be Continued...


Sherry said...

Based on your first two stops, I'm thinking you went on basically the same cruise we went on a few years ago. We kind of loved and and also kind of didn't. I think ultimately we will do one again, though.

Leann said...

hahaha... poor Marshall.