Friday, February 15, 2013

Balancing Out All the Sugar

After attending 2 different class parties at the elementary school yesterday, taking Kate to preschool, and taking Claire to her church activity after school, there was no way I was cooking a fancy Valentine's Day dinner yesterday.

Besides, the kids were all hopped up on sugar from the days' festivities.  I really needed them to actually eat something not sweet for dinner.  And let's be honest, unless I make waffles or pancakes (which most definitely don't qualify as not sweet), most of the time when I cook something I can only get 1 out of 3 to eat it.

Unless that something is pizza.  Papa Murphy's and their heart shaped pizza to the rescue!

The overall pizza comes heart shaped.  And since it wasn't baked yet when I took it home, I got to pretend like I wasn't totally copping out on doing something nice for Valentine's Day by cutting heart shapes on the pepperoni like I saw on Pinterest!

1 comment:

Leann said...

haha... my sister's kid came home and puked "pink goo"... good call, and way to be creative!