Friday, March 8, 2013

Caribbean Cruise - Day 5 (Jamaica)

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We woke up the next morning to Jamaica:

The weather that day was lovely.

Of course the one day that was finally gorgeous was the one day we didn't plan to spend at the beach!

We let ourselves have a leisurely start that morning.  As we headed ashore, we left the towel penguin with some reading material for the stateroom attendant to find:

Jamaica was... different than the other ports we had been to:

The port had a very pretty security fence:

Who knew spikes could be so pretty, right?

We had heard that Jamaica wasn't quite as safe to just wing it, so this was the one port where we just went ahead and booked an excursion through the cruise line.  Not cheap, but relaxing to have it all planned out for us.  We boarded a bus for the mountains:

We drove up a dirt road in the bus.

This was the smoother part of the mountain road!  We went part way up, then unloaded, got our equipment, used the bathrooms, put our stuff in lockers, etc.  Then we got on a more off-road-ish bus and climbed a much steeper rougher road up to the top, but I didn't have my camera.

The view from where we got our equipment was beautiful.

Our ultimate destination, you ask?


This is what the platforms looked like.  We zip-lined back and forth across a deep ravine on our way down the mountain, with a few rappels thrown in for good measure.  They don't let you bring your camera, so we bought a few of the photos they took of us.

Here was the view as you zip-lined across:

It was SO FUN!!!

We got back aboard the ship and did a little climbing on the rock wall:

The day finished with a beautiful sunset:

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