Monday, March 11, 2013

Caribbean Cruise Day 6 and 7 (At sea)

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As our ship began the trip home, we had 2 full days at sea to relax and finish trying out all the activities on the boat.

We did more rock wall climbing, then we tried out the ice skating:

We played some table tennis and watched a movie in the on-board movie theater.  Then at night we used the shipboard credit we had gotten by booking our cruise via Costco to try out the special dining steakhouse on board.  I tried to order the New York strip because that is my favorite cut.  The waiter kept second guessing me telling me that the New York strip was the same cut that they would be serving in the main dining room the next night but that the filet mignon was their specialty.  I finally followed his advice and order the filet.  Turns out?  I still don't really like filet mignon.  It was flavorless and over-tenderized to the point of having a powdery texture.  I hate that.  So in my opinion?  The extra $30 to dine in the special restaurant was DEFINITELY not worth it.  Good thing we weren't actually paying for it out of pocket.

The first at sea night our stateroom attendant left us this monkey:

So the next morning we let the monkey take a shower:

We filled our time by doing a little shopping, playing in the arcade, doing more rock climbing, having Sudoku races (During which I slaughtered M.  Bad.  Every time.), watching some shows and a parade, watching a movie on the TV in our room, packing, and using the hot tubs.


The last night they gave us back our diet soda and we indulged heavily. Our stateroom attendant left these cute little critters.

We left them perched up on a high shelf in our room as we were leaving, but I didn't get a photo.

The last morning (Day 8), we woke up and ate some breakfast as we watched the dolphins jumping in the water.  As a last little treat before we got off the ship and drove home, we saw that we had a celebrity for an assistant waiter:

Overall, we had an absolutely wonderful time and I hope we get to do it again some day!!!

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