Thursday, September 9, 2010

30 - It's Like 25 But With More Money

M and I went out to celebrate my 30th birthday:

I was a little nervous about turning 30. Did I do all the fun things I should have before I got "old"?

The weekend after my birthday, we left the kids with my sister and went to the lake. We rented wave runners for an hour and at the end of it I realized that in many ways, this stage of life is WAY better than 5-10 years ago. There are many reasons, but for one thing, now we can actually afford to do the fun things we could only dream about when we were 25.


Liz H. said...

looks so fun! which lake did you go to?

stampinashley said...

AGREED.For many years I thought I had a complex about turning 30. I've been telling people for approx. 4 years that I'm 25, and only recently are they starting to not believe it. (Well, at my last b-day). But now I'm thinking that it actually makes ME look better to jump ahead to 30. Being 30 means I've got it together, I'm not crazy or a mess or whatever. So, I'm kinda excited for that number to come. And I've never had a list of "to-do before 30" 's, so I think it's going to work out jsut great for me!

Corinda said...

So true. I too was nervous, but now that I'm past it, I really like it and find I'm totally happy with the roles I fill now. Glad you had fun celebrating!