Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A New Twist on an Old Favorite

Did you miss me? I tried to supply you with a few posts while we were gone on vacation. I neglected to also supply some posts for the time after I got back but couldn't post because I couldn't even find clean underwear for everyone (or put down the book I started on the trip that I was almost finished with). But things have slowed a smidge, so here I am.


You know how most kids go through that simultaneously cute and exasperating phase where anytime you tell them something, they ask, "Why?"

Scott has entered this phase, with his own little variation. You tell him something and he asks, "Why not?" Even when it doesn't quite make sense. Here's an example:

Scott: [pointing at my recently drained can of Diet Caffeine Free Dr. Pepper - mmmm] I want a drink.
G: Sorry Scott, it's all gone.
Scott: Why not?

It's an interesting perspective he's got there. I can't decide if this resonates with his easygoing nature or if it just screams of logical ineptitude and/or a lack of language skills. As his doting mother, I prefer to see a profound philosopher in the making so I'm voting for a display of wisdom beyond his years. Scott knows that what he can't do doesn't matter in and of itself. What matters is what's stopping him. Or perhaps it's more of an abstract declaration of "Carpe diem!" Or maybe he just needs to stop roaring like a dinosaur and making engine noises long enough to learn to speak better.

So next time life doesn't go your way, take it from Scott. Don't ask "Why?" but rather, "Why not?"

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