Thursday, March 19, 2009

Heaven Forbid We Do Anything Without a Machine

We went on a little field trip to a "farm" on St. Patrick's day. The kids LOVED it.

My favorite part was Claire's response when the tour guide during the dairy cow demonstration asked how to milk a cow. Claire raised her hand and described hooking a milking machine up to the cow in her own limited agricultural vocabulary. When the tour guide asked her how they used to do it a long time ago, she drew a blank. Then he asked her if they ever used their hands. She shook her head and looked at him like he'd lost his mind.

I guess I'm raising a very modern child.

The kids just walked right up to the big longhorns and waved a friendly, "Hello!"

Claire really liked the bulls. To the point that she used both hands to sign, "I love you" to them.
(Okay, so maybe this was actually a slightly misguided attempt to sign "Hook 'Em Horns!" M and I aren't exactly sports buffs, so you have to cut her a little slack, okay?)


Liz H. said...

this is great. i love you too, claire :)

Anonymous said...

claire is so awesome! i loved your matching dresses in primary today!

Kristen Duke said...

i love you and hook 'em are used interchangeably--practically the same thing.