Thursday, January 21, 2010

Scott is Not a Giraffe (In Case You Were Unaware)

The other day we were leaving a church activity and it was a bit late at night considering we had 9am church (or 6:30am meetings in M's case) the next morning.  We were trying to herd the kids out the door, but Scott insisted that he needed to stop for a drink at the drinking fountain.

G:  "Fine, Scott.  Get a drink real quick."

Parents turn away distracted by one of the other kids, then turn back to Scott.

G:  "Scott, are you done getting a drink yet?"

Scott:  "Not yet, Mom.  I..."  *insert frustrated whiney cries and other non-verbal noises here*

G:  "Relax Scott, just get a drink."

Scott:  "I can't!"  *more frustrated whiney non-verbalness*

G:  "Why not?"

Scott:  "My neck's not long enough."

G and M laugh

M:  "Rock on, Scott.  Rock on.  Way to tell it like it is."

Scott, totally exasperated:  "NO!  I'm not rocking on.  I'm trying to get a drink!"

Sheesh!  Those pesky parents.  Always trying to pretend to be hip and with it when you're trying to quench your thirst.

But in our defense, we did eventually lift Scott up to get a drink, so maybe he'll decide we're worth keeping around.  At least until his neck grows...


Leann said...

hahahahahahahaha... thanks.

Janssen said...

THAT is awesome. Poor guy :)

Anonymous said...

so when i read the title, i was reminded of a clip of a show i was watching where kids that attended a private school were evaluated and put in different animal groups. for math the different groups were giraffe, chipmunk and leopard. the giraffe kids were the smart ones, which left me perplexed at your title... but you probably don't watch that show anyway. Scott is so awesome!

Liz H. said...

i love it.

Lori said...


NaoMichael said...

That's great! AND I giggled at michaels comment 'cause I saw that show too and had the same thought. :-)