Monday, February 22, 2010


We need a new couch.  There are many reasons, but M and I have found yet another very important motivation. 

Our current couch has only two cushions.  They're big cushions, so the problem isn't so much that the couch is not big enough (although once Kate starts taking up significant couch real estate that will become an issue as well).  The problem is that we really need three cushions in order to keep Claire and Scott from fighting when they're both on the couch. 

"Mom!  Claire's not giving me anywhere to sit!"
"MOM!  Scott's pushing me!"
"MO-OM!  Claire's kicking at my feet!"

One might think that two is enough because it provides a clear halfway point.  All I SHOULD have to do is call a cease fire and then designate Claire's side and Scott's side, right?  But in practice the only way to really achieve lasting peace is a demilitarized zone.  Or should I say a "demilitarized couch cushion"?

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NaoMichael said...

"Demilitarized zone" - I love it! Good luck in your future endeavors to create peace.