Saturday, June 26, 2010

My Bleeding Ugly Front Door

This was my front door last fall.

There are two noteworthy things about this picture:

First of all is the pretty wreath of fall leaves. I got it on clearance after Thanksgiving the year before. I was so excited when fall came around and I got to bust it out. It looked nice. I liked that it wasn't made of fake silk leaves, but instead out of the real dried leaves.

That proved it's downfall. You see, those nice dried leaves are dyed to help them be the pretty colors they are. As the weather cooled off, we had a streak of foggy wet days. The fog would condense onto the leaves, and then they would bleed. Drips of red and orange trickled down my beige front door and dripped onto my front stoop and onto the rug inside when the door was opened. (I still have a red spot on the rug inside.)

I might have found a way to deal with that, but then the leaves started molding. I tried spraying Lysol on them to stop it, but do you know what's worse than drips of red dye all over your front door? Drips of red Lysol. In the end, the wreath had to go. I'm still in mourning, and it's already summer.

The second noteworthy thing about that photo is the utterly boring color of the door. Blah. I've wanted to change it since we bought the house three years ago. (Has it really been that long? Have we really accomplished so little in that much time???) But I agonized FOREVER about what color to paint it. I wanted it black at first, but then I thought that might look weird with my Texas limestone colored house.

In the end, I followed my instinctive love and this spring I painted it a nice fugly green:

And it even covered all the stains from the wreath incident! What do you think?


Janssen said...

I love it! But then, I love a painted door.

Sherry said...

I love it. My first thought when I saw the first picture was, "If I were to paint that door, I would definitely do it darker to there would be more contrast with the stone." So, yeah, good choice!

Erin said...

Love it. Isn't green your favorite color?

Leann said...
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Leann said...

I really like your door mat. I think it compliments the door really well! Oh, and I do like the door a lot! The color is great!