Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Our Torture Methods

We tried to coerce Claire into reading a new series this summer. I mean, I was tired of just looking at the same "Magic Treehouse" covers over and over again. I don't know how she could stand another second of actually reading about Jack and Annie AGAIN. For those of you familiar with this series, I have some suggestions for future additions to the "Magic Treehouse" books:

Vacant Looks at the Vernal Equinox
Waxing Legs at the Waning Gibbous
Alliterative Altercation Ante Meridiem
Bosons and Bozos at the Big Bang
Really Redundant Repetitive Reading at Recess Redux

Thankfully my friend Janssen just spent a year being a school librarian and she gave us some great ideas.

First Claire tried a couple "A to Z Mysteries." But they got off to a rocky start. The first one she read was called "The Jaguar's Jewel." Ummm... please tell me there are other parents out there who wouldn't be able to resist calling it "The Jaguar's Jewels" and snickering a little every time they said it? No? Well then, good. Because M and I would certainly never do that... We'd just sympathize with the one-jeweled jaguar. Poor guy...

So then we thought we'd get Claire to try the "Time Warp Trio" books. In order to "encourage" Claire, M gave her an assignment. Claire's answers included below:

Claire's Summer Book Reports
Assignment #1 - Time Travel Books

Write a book report that answers the following questions. Write at least one or two sentences about each question. Use specific examples from the book(s). Report may be handwritten or typed.

1. How are the Magic Tree House and Time Warp Trio books alike?

Both books have people who travel in time using books. Both sets of books have the same characters in each book.

How are the Magic Tree House and Time Warp Trio books different?

One series has missions and the other just travels wherever because they don't know how to work the book. One has all boys and one has a boy and a girl. One has two people and the other has three.

3. Which series do you like better? Why?

Magic Treehouse because... I don't know.

There you have it then. She can properly use ellipses but still prefers Magic Treehouse books. It boggles the mind.


Sherry said...

I read your paragraph about the Jaguar's Jewel and laughed out loud. Then I managed to stop laughing so I could read it to the spouse. We then commenced laughing even harder. Then we decided to move to that place where you live so we could be friends.

Melanie said...

Love, Love, Love, all your new titles! Perfect in everyway! Took us a while to get Ian off those books too. However, he won't touch those trio books! :( He's started in on the Ramona Quimby books and enjoying them. Good luck! Great book report!

Janssen said...

HA! Oh man, I'm so glad that I didn't read this post while I was still working because I could never have kept a straight face when a kid checked it out. You have saved me from totally humiliating myself.