Monday, October 25, 2010

I Thought It Would Be EASIER With Just Kate in the Pew...

Yesterday at church was our ward's Primary sacrament program. This is where instead of adults giving talks, the main portion of our meeting is all of the children in our congregation singing the songs they have been learning this year and giving small speaking parts and talks related to the year's theme.

So while M got up to get attendance numbers (he's the ward clerk), I sat and wrangled Kate while trying to watch Claire and Scott sing the songs. Scott is in the youngest class so he was right up front. Right in front, picking his nose. Picking his nose, and then eating it.

When I recovered from my brain aneurysm, and from vomiting due the grossness, I started trying to gesture to him to stop it. I tried to catch his eye and when I did, I would put my hand up to my face, then quickly put it down and shake my head. I tried waving my hand in front of my face. Scott's face simply got more and more confused looking, and I think the mental strain and nervous energy were sending that finger prospecting deeper and deeper. At last I took both arms, folded them in front of me, and then lifted them up in order to suggest he do the same. And it worked! He folded his arms. Phew!

But! In the few second that I used two hands to gesture to Scott, I had let go of Kate. She had rocketed out of the pew and had started toddling as fast as she could down the aisle. She KNEW she was being naughty, and she thought it was hilarious. She was cackling as maniacally as a 15 month old can and she could barely walk straight she was laughing so hard. At least it slowed her down a little! She was halfway down the aisle before I managed to run while hunched over and grab her, which of course she thought was EVEN MORE HILARIOUS!!!

At least the other people watching me seemed to get a good laugh too.


Leann said...

HAHAHA! We were wrangling a dancing toddler yesterday! Every time the interlude of "Follow the Prophet" came (because they did ALL 500 verses) he'd start swaying rapidly side to side.
(that was just made more hilarious by the 2 year old girl behind us singing along with the song)

Lisa Michelle said...

Hi Gretchen! So I saw your blog address on your goodreads profile and came on over to check it out... :) Had to comment b/c I swear they pay all the Sunbeams to do crazy things during the Primary Program! Cute little Scott. His gold digging got a couple chuckles from our pew... :) Gotta love Kate - she refuses to be outdone! see you tomorrow!

brook said...

so funny
and so gross