Friday, February 11, 2011

To Most of the Country, It's Snow Big Deal...

But to us in the Austin area, less than an inch of snow a week ago meant no school and that M couldn't get to work until 2pm!


We had my best friend from college and her little family staying with us last week.  They are moving to the area next month (WOO HOO!) so they were here looking at housing.  And of course of all the weeks they come to Texas, it's the one with absurdly low temperatures and a day of snow!  We were scrambling to cover the orange tree out back and insulate our outdoor water spigots and I think they were laughing at us a little.  I felt better when they found out that it was below freezing back home in Tucson too and people there were having similar problems.  Their little boy is the same age as Kate, and he DID NOT like the cold.  It was simultaneously SO CUTE and SO PITIFUL watching how miserable he was when we went outside to show him the snow.

Kate, however, was a trooper:

What a week!  76 degrees on the Sunday before and then it didn't get above freezing starting Tuesday night and stretching until Friday.  Then this last Sunday is was back in the 70's again.  Wednesday of this week we had freezing rain.  Texas, I love you, but you're a little bipolar sometimes...

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