Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What Mom is Good For

Kate is SUCH a Daddy's girl.  She is finally just starting to say some words, but the one thing she clearly enunciates and has for a long time is, "DADDY!"

"Daddy!" her melodic voice intones with perfect diction.

I, however, am called, "MAH!"
In a screeching yell.

Yesterday M was in the other room while Kate was eating breakfast in her high chair.  She called for M, "Daddy!"

No response.



"DADDY!  DADDY!  DADDY!!!" all while pointing towards the other room where he is.

M was a bit absorbed with something on the computer, but I was sitting right in front of her at the dining room table.

"Kate, I'm right here.  Do you need something?" I asked her.


"Yes, I know Kate.  But he's busy."

"Daddy!  DADDY!  DADDY!  DADDY!  DADDY! ..."

I gave up trying to reason with her and kind of tuned out for awhile to get something done.  If she really needed something, she could just ask me.

"MAH!  MAH!!!  MAH!!!"

Suddenly, I heard her call me.  Did she finally want me???

"Yes, Kate?  Can I help you with something?"

Pointing back at the other room she demanded, "Daddy!"

Apparently I've been promoted from room decoration to messenger boy.


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