Thursday, July 21, 2011


Scott still asks me to open everything for him.  Every granola bar package.  Every candy wrapper.  Every peel-back yogurt lid.  It's an area I think we need to work on this summer before he starts Kindergarten.

Kate, on the other hand, is quite resourceful.  In the time it took me to load my groceries onto the belt at the store the other day, she managed to reach into the basket and grab a package of yogurts.  This in itself was quite a feat because I pile everything on the opposite side of the cart from her.  She has a tendency to hug loaves of bread to death and such.  I'm sure people go by my cart and wonder why the side nearest the handle is nearly empty while the opposite end is like a teetering Mr. Everest of groceries.

After she grabbed the package of yogurts, she managed to pull one of the cups free from the carton.  Then she managed to peel back the lid.  When I turned back from the conveyor belt to make sure I got everything out of the cart, I saw Kate sitting there eating yogurt with her hands.

Lately when Scott asks me to open his bag of cookies, I tell him he can only have it if he opens it himself.  After all, Scott, your baby sister can do it!

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Liz H. said...

isn't it funny how different kids can be? cute, precocious little kate!