Thursday, January 26, 2012

New Vocabulary

M and I have started using a new word around our house and I thought you all might want to stay on top of the cutting edge slang being developed around here:

Shobos - noun \ˈshō-(ˌ)bōs\

plural shoboses

Definition of SHOBOS

: a situation where your brain repeatedly proposes a specific solution despite the fact that you have already concluded it is not viable approximately 1000 times
e.g. You are playing Scrabble with your spouse and someone has played the word "hobos."  It falls with a triple word square just to the left of the "h."  Your brain will now spend the rest of the game trying to find a way to get that triple word score.  It will do this by repeatedly proposing that you put down an "s" and make "shobos."  

: an irresistible persistent impulse to repeatedly cram that same, still wrong jigsaw puzzle piece in that one spot

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anitamombanita said...

what?! It's not a word?!