Thursday, April 12, 2012

Technology Bi-Polar Disorder

Yesterday, I sent a text message for the first time.  Ever.

Yes, I am that lame.  I didn't even get a cell phone until 2006.  And then it was a pre-paid by-the-minute Tracfone.  (You know, a drug dealer phone.)  We bought it so I could always get ahold of M when I was pregnant with Scott and after I had him, I just kept using it.  But as little as possible.  I just didn't want to spend the money.  I have been eeking by on that phone used mostly for emergencies for the last six years.  (Do I have to relinquish my geek license???)

I waited until 2012 to send a text message at first because I wasn't willing to type it out on the number pad.  And then it kind of became a claim to fame.  So even when people texted me, I wouldn't text them back because how could I possibly waste my first text ever on something so boring?

But I gave in.  It was time.  I finally feel like I'm missing out on things because I didn't really have a cell phone.  I won't bore you with all the little incidents, but I just knew it was time.  (Not to mention the fact that my six year old phone wouldn't hold a charge very long anymore and I needed a new phone anyway.)

So I bought a new phone!  With a keyboard!  And I signed up for a cheap monthly plan.  So still no contract, but it's still way closer to "normal person."  And I sent my first text message ever to my best friend.  (I knew if I totally screwed up she wouldn't laugh at me too much.) (Turns out: hard to screw up.)

For how "tech savvy" I am in some ways, it does seem strange how backwards I can be too.  I'd never texted until yesterday.  We still don't have a DVR or even cable TV.  We just get by with what our TV antennae receives.  But I blog, use Facebook and Pinterest...

And for my 2nd text ever, I tweeted.

I don't make any sense, do I?


Vernon Mauery said...

I am afraid that if your geek license gets revoked so will mine. While I have had a cell phone for much longer, (and I think I have sent a text, but I don't remember to whom or for what reason), I am only on cell phone number two. My first cell phone was a Motorola in 2001 and I used it until about 2004. Then sometime around 2006, I got a Nokia dumb phone. My first phone didn't even have texting capabilities. While my current phone does, I agree that a lot of numbers a word does not make.

I do have a MythTV (for this and probably my two ham radios I think I can keep my geek license) but it is not hooked up to cable TV. We do pay for cable, but only because it lowers our overall Comcast bill by $4/mo ($12 discount for adding $8 cable TV). That said, we use Netflix more than MythTV.

As for your antennae, unless you are British or your TV is a slug, here in the US, we pluralize the metal variety as antennas.

The Four Redheads said...

We still use a tracfone! An old one, too. We are like you, don't want another huge monthly bill. Our house phone works just fine! Though, we are considering upgrading our tracfone to a better one (I hear they make ones similar to smart phones?) but that might drain my purchased minutes pretty quickly. Which cell phone company did you use? MetroPCS?

Leann said...

I'm pretty sure I've never puta an 's' on antennae.... isn't it like cactus / cacti?

Anyways! I LOVED getting the first text! I felt special and loved! THANKS! And welcome. I guess I can start txting you at 9:30 at night instead of calling you. doh... this will take some getting used to!