Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Goodbye Pool Days

Yesterday was the first day of school for Claire and Scott.  As I was looking through the pictures I took before they headed off to school, I noticed this one I took of Claire's new shoes.  (These were important to her.  I drove to several Targets to find THIS color in her size.)  But it wasn't the shoes I was noticing:

Do you see those legs peeking out?  There is no politically correct way to say this, so here goes:  She doesn't look white!!!  If I hadn't taken this photo myself, I would not believe those legs belonged to MY little Caucasian child.  Granted the sun wasn't all the way up when I took these, so the light was a little dim and her shoes are veritably glowing with newness, so it probably makes her legs look browner, but STILL!  We spent LOTS of time at my parents' pool this summer and it shows.  Well, at least it shows on Claire.  Not so much on Scott and me.  (Kate is somewhere in the middle.)  Claire takes after my mother and sister, who both tan easily.  And probably after M too.  I'm pretty sure he'd be pretty tan too if he didn't spend all his time being a geek inside an office building.  But those little brown legs did NOT come from me.  If I get a lot of sun, I get two things:  burned and freckled.  And sometimes the freckles get dense enough to almost pass for a tan.

We had a lot of fun swimming this summer.  And we did do some other things too even if it doesn't look like it!  I'm going to miss summer, but I'm not gonna lie - I'm also excited to have the kids back to school.

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Kristi said...

Gwen is the same way! Poor me, Blaine, Ben and Ivy though! That dark skin gene is very recessive for our family, no idea how she got it!