Sunday, June 30, 2013

Kate's 4th Birthday - Bowling

Kate requested going bowling as a family for her birthday.

We had a great time! Well... mostly.

Claire discovered that the removal of bumpers alters the difficulty of the game significantly. Based on the bowling lanes policy, Claire was too old/too tall to use the bumpers.  We encouraged her to try to learn to bowl without them.  This was met with mixed reviews.  By which I mean violent mood swings.  She couldn't decide if she was proud of herself for learning to get better or totally pissed off that Scott and Kate were getting higher scores than her.  It was not easy for my little natural athlete to score worse than her slightly gimpy little brother.  I need to show her these photos though, and maybe she'll feel better.

Claire looked like she was learning to bowl:

Scott looked like he was having a seizure that serendipitously rolled a bowling ball down the lane:

Birthday girl Kate was adorable, even when she pushed her ball so slowly it didn't make it down the lane:

And what could be more flattering than a rear photo of you helping your preschooler bowl?

(I'm sure M is thrilled to be featured thusly.) Here, I'll try to redeem myself by showing him actually bowling:

In the end, I'm willing to post a picture of our score because I at least managed to break 100.

And you can see why Claire wasn't too thrilled with her performance. I actually think she did GREAT for her first time without bumpers, but in her mind Scott and Kate's scores needed an asterisk afterword to signify their totally unfair bumper advantage.

But none of this matters, because Kate will tell anyone who asks that SHE won.

And as part of the bowling alley experience, we ordered some food from the snack bar.  (We may also have been hoping that a little blood sugar boost might help with Claire's bumper-bereft tragedy.)  And since it was Kate's birthday, we got chips and guacamole:

Kate LOVES LOVES LOVES guacamole. Unfortunately while I was returning my bowling shoes, I missed getting a photo of her trying to lick the guacamole directly out of the bowl. We might have let her get away with it, but there were still chips left.

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