Thursday, October 4, 2007

Keep Up the Habit

As many of you are probably aware, yesterday there was a big push in the blogsphere to delurk. I really wanted in on that action, but I suspected that, much like myself, many of you might have been feeling a little commented-out yesterday. So I decided that I would insist that you (yes, YOU!) delurk on my blog today instead. This will help keep you in the commenting habit!

So, here is your food-for-comment:

What is your least favorite holiday?

Cuz, honestly, for me it's Halloween. Don't get me wrong, I'm not going to deprive my children and scar them for life or anything by being an anti-Halloween fanatic or anything. Dressing up can be fun. But seriously, can I just have the candy without all the dark creepy stuff? And the girls who use it as an excuse to dress like hookers...

But even if you love/hate all holidays so much you can't pick a winner (loser?), please, let me know you're out there ambiving and leave a comment anyway.


Kristi said...

My least favorite holiday. Um. I guess Columbus Day because Blaine doesn't get work off.

Now my favorite holiday? 4th of July, definitely!

P.S. I am a faithful reader of your blog. And a faithful comment leaver as well :)

Janssen said...

Hmm, I don't think I have a least favorite holiday, but I do loathe it when kids dress up as "homeless people" for Halloween; kids, old jeans and a ripped shirt are not a costume - if you want candy, you better put some effort into it. I also HATE it when teenagers go out - YOU ARE TOO OLD TO TRICK OR TREAT AND I WILL NOT BE CONVINCED OTHERWISE! Also, do not come around with a pillowcase.

Woohh, I can tell I have much pent-up resentment

Ralphie said...

Love what Janssen wrote. Reminds of shopping the other day when Erin grabbed a ball and put it on top of her head and said "I'm Ball Head, Mommy. I've got a ball on my head. Now give me some candy!"

My least favorite holiday is Valentines Day. I feel all of this pressure to "prove" my love. How do I do this? Chocolate? Oh yah, that says "I love you" for sure. A new CD? No, not romatic enough. Etc, etc, etc.
Then I start hyperventilating.

Kristi said...

Imagine the double whammy of having your anniversary on Valentines. . . cardiac arrest!

K said...

Now that I feel really bad, I think I have to leave a comment. (o:

My least favorite holiday is ANY holiday that doesn't bring mail, but Tom has to go to work. (that's a lot of holidays!)

Leann said...

Alright, I'll leave a comment. :)

But you have to understand, I don't get to check your blog every day, and so you get comments that are days old. So deal.

Least fav Holiday?... Not Halloween.
Halloween, I love, not for the spooky-ness, or the costumes, or even the candy... more for the time of year it commences for me. First my b-day, 2 weeks before. Then beautiful weather arises here in the desert, such that you don't need A/C or a heater in your house at all! for the whole month! (yay no hundreds of dollars A/C bills) Then let's face it, its the prime leader of the Holiday Season. I know, I know, Thanksgiving starts the Holiday Season... but have you been to Costco lately??? Advent Calendars and Nativities allll over the place... IN SEPTEMBER!!!!
Ok, sorry for that.
Basically, I just love Halloween cuz it starts the 3 months of the year that are usually special to someone for some reason, including me.

As for the least favorite, I was debating Labor Day or Memorial Day, but then I feel guilty because I don't sound patriotic, PLUS, you get a day off of work/school. And MLK Jr. Day and presidents Day we got off as well. (which is important for those hopelessly awaiting the spouse's graduation)
And SERIOUSLY... you can't hate "Talk Like a Pirate Day" (september 19), because its too funny to watch engineers walking around work saying "ARGH".

So in the end, now that I have bored you, I think my least favorite holiday is April Fools, cuz... I suck at it. I've never liked playing jokes on people (I have a good sense of humor, but I don't like mean pranks). I'm terrible at lying to someone's face, so where's the fun for me? Getting scared to death by someone else's joke?... no thank you!

G said...

Arrrrgh! The wench be right! A curse be upon ye if ye don't be celebratin' me beloved "Talk Like a Pirate Day."

Noelle said...

I am a friend of Janssen's and just found your blog. I think my least favorite is Labor Day. Yeah, you get work off, but there's nothing fun to celebrate! Boring.