Monday, October 29, 2007

My Guinea Pig

In theory, I blow dry my hair straight most of the time when I actually intend to interact with real human beings (the people I live with and clean up after have disqualified themselves). But the results are often less-than-fabulous. So I have been devouring hair advice from whoorl, as you've probably already noticed. I try to blow dry my hair the way she does on her recent video tutorial, but alas, I'm a hair gimp. (I'd link to the video, but it seems to have disappeared at the moment. She had a bit of a blog explosion a little while ago and I'm not sure she's fully recovered. But here's the post it went with.)

Enter Claire.

I blow dried Claire's hair straight for church a little over a week ago. It was a great way to practice my technique without needing detachable arms. I'm exultant that apparently I'm at least passably capable, because Claire's normal corkscrew jumble became this:

It was so fun to see how long her hair really is!


Janssen said...

I can't even picture Claire from the front without curly hair.

Ralphie said...

Love the dress. Love the hair. And love that you are still beautiful even without blow drying technique.

Alison said...

that is amazing!!! I love the dress too, Did you make it??

G said...

Since the dress is getting a lot of notice, I will give my mom credit for making it.