Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Monument to an Arbitrary Milestone

Blogger says this is my 100th post (but it's sorta wrong because it includes all my drafts that are eternal works in progress). Let's commemorate this occasion with a picture of a pile of rocks.

Thrilling, no? We started stripping what sod we have and turning soil for a quarter of one of our four garden plots. So Saturday afternoon's labor resulted in 1/16 of our future garden area. The progress was slow thanks to several additions to our future waterfall stonework, as seen in the above photo. And so the pile grows... I confess that really it was all M's doing. I did a great job wandering around barefoot and distracting him when I wasn't in the garage painting a bookshelf.


Sheyenne said...

Oh yay! Seriously, I AM excited to see your pile of rocks and hear that 1/16th of your garden area is done. Because it's PROGRESS. Slow and steady and all that. I'm just so excited for you after seeing those awesome backyard plans. Seriously, post everytime you get a new pile of rocks, and I will be excited.

ashley said...

I am just excited that you have reached your 100th post.... Oh to be so geeky... how would that be?!!

Pickles & Dimes said...

Waterfall! Waterfall! Waterfall! Yes!