Friday, February 1, 2008

Fun with Food

I've continued my cooking renaissance. Random food for your viewing pleasure.

Baby bok choy with oyster sauce

Deep chocolate shortbread
(Made with Splenda because M avoids sugar - another discussion for another day)


azufelt said...

I love it! Great pictures... they are making me hungry right now... and I don't even know what bok choy is...!! Still hungry though!

Kristi said...

Um, you make pretty food. Even if I made the same exact food it wouldn't look so delectable. It would be in crusty old tupperware. Way to go!

the sister said...

Cool cool cool! Love the food, love the pics, love the plates, love everything!

Anonymous said...

Those sound good, but it is lunch time.


Ralphie said...

Keep going G. Make me beg to come over to your house for dinner.

loonbug said...

Ok, so did you cook the bok choy? And do you make your own oyster sauce, or do you buy it? If buy it, what brand? I've been wanting to start experimenting with oyster sauce.