Monday, April 28, 2008

Thanks for Clarifying, Scott

Scott does not keep his emotions a secret.

When he feels affectionate, he gives spontaneous hugs and kisses. He prefers to initiate hugs at a full run. After crashing into you, he pats your back when he hugs you. This is coupled with lots of big, slobbery kisses. Thankfully he has finally learned to keep his mouth at least 80% closed now, most of the time. Also, he doesn't impact teeth first anymore. I think I heard that before he reformed a little, "Scott kisses" were slated to be the next event added to the X Games.

When he's displeased, he SCREAMS AT THE TOP OF HIS LUNGS. Screeching, blood-curdling screams. Like a girl.

When he's really mad, he throws himself to the ground for a tantrum. Face-first. It doesn't matter where he is: in the middle of the lawn, crowded pedestrian thoroughfares, asphalt, sand volleyball courts. You name it, he'll throw his face on it. Yesterday at church, he threw himself down without warning in the middle of a crowded church hallway. He nearly got stepped on three times by passing adults, who, for some reason, didn't think to check the floor in their peripheral vision for prostrate toddlers. Oh yah, and just like his kisses, his tantrums are open-mouthed too. I guess they aren't "face-first" so much as "mouth-first." So the other day at the park when decided to throw a tantrum in the sand volleyball court, he came up for air with a mouth full of sand. [Cringe]

But when Scott is happy, he makes up for all of it. He runs around flapping his arms and repeatedly exclaiming, "HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY!" (Of course, it sounds a little more like, "Ah-py, ah-py, ah-py!") As if he needed to tell us - his face says it all. Nonetheless, he announces it to the world. Over and over and over. Try watching him sometime and see if you're not grinning like a fool after about 10 seconds.

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Julie said...

Was Claire like this? Because Logan is this way, with such intense dramatic feelings and displays of emotions, but Seth was never this way (outside of normal toddler moodiness).