Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I Know the Suspense Was Killing You

The answer to the fireworks multiple choice question was "E." Basically everyone got it right.

The "schmoe" fireworks.

But I'd like to point out that several of those could have been right. I didn't think to get my camera out and start trying to take photos until my next door neighbors were almost done. Plus Scott and Claire both wanted to hide inside because it was so loud. Even my ears were kinda hurting. Way worse than shooting a .22 with no ear plugs. So I didn't really get to spend much time outside trying to get a good photo, but there were several instances of multiple ones in the air at once.

And speaking of reader participation, the poll about the kitchen cabinet hardware hasn't really amounted to much, has it? I mean, I know I'm fabulous and everything I do is art and all, but I still would have thought I'd have a few dissenters. Apparently all of you are angling to be my own personal flock of yes men.


azufelt said...

Jsut for you, I changed my vote to my original answer ;)

Leann said...

I would feel bad, but 1) I am practically the same as you on this topic, 2) I think Stainless steel or brushed silver might be my favorite color.

So, either I'm the blonde version of you, or I'm a Yes man... :)

Janssen said...

Everything you write makes me laugh. That "yes men" bit will have me giggling myself to sleep.