Saturday, July 12, 2008

Is Stainless Steel a Color?

Ooh, I've always wanted to do a poll, so here we go. I want your input. You see, I'm not terribly fond of my kitchen. The blood red wall color (Unappetizing thought, huh? Plus red's supposed to make you hungry and my weight and I do NOT need that!) and the orangey stain on the cabinets doesn't not play nicely with the gray blue counter tops. I'm going to repaint soon. Don't try to change my mind. I already have the paint. I know a lot of people like a red kitchen, but it's SO not me. First of all, it's very country kitcheny. (I will suppress my gagging sounds...) Second of all, it doesn't flow well with my "colors." When M and I were getting married, people would ask us what our kitchen colors were:

G: White. (I'd patiently explain this even though it should have been obvious looking at our registry. We didn't forget to add anything with color. We wanted everything in white.)
Color Demanding Gift Giver: But that's not a color.
G: Okay, then stainless steel and chrome.
CDGG: Yah, um, that's still not really a color...
G: Does light wood count?
CDGG: Well, Not really.
G: Black? Gray? Well, sheesh. I suppose if you MUST have a color, then blue. Is that good enough for ya? Huh, huh?

Except in reality I was not that hostile out loud. I don't think... They were giving me a gift after all.

So anyway, the point of all this is that I think putting some hardware on my kitchen cabinets would do wonders. You know, some handles so I can actually open the darn things. I would love something uber modern, but I know I should forbear. I insist on something silverish colored to help tie in the counters and my eventual wall color. In the end I want something that can look modern in the right setting, but if we ever have to sell the house, I want a fairly neutral look. I don't want to alienate all those red kitchen loving potential buyers out there. Plus I don't want to look at them in 5 years and say, "That is so turn of the century..." So it sounds like what I'm saying is, they should be really boring. Hmm...

So what do you think of this?

Is it modern without being trendy? Is it traditional enough to appeal to most people? Please vote in the sidebar and feel free to pontificate in the comments.


azufelt said...

I resisted my STRONG urge to vote "I prefer dinky little knobs that are too small and will be hard to grab." --Just cuz I thought it was funny.

I think the handle looks great. I think that stainless steel is a "color" (especially in your world)

And I don't think the handle is too modern that it couldn't work well in a country-kitchen (ew!)

Janssen said...

I like those handles.

And my kitchen is practically teh same color as yours and I like it :) But I'm not offended if you don't.

kristi lou said...

yep. me too. i think it looks good.

Ralphie said...

Nice. Perfectly normal, non-boring and crome like.

In fact, they are definatly not the style of handle I would by at all. So you know you've done well!

I'm so glad we can still be friends and over look these petty differences.

Jessica said...

I do like that hardware. You are right; a little hardware can go a long way in giving your kitchen more of the feel you would like it to have. And do what you want! It's your house right now and you should be happy in it!

I know it is hard to commit sometimes to such things though. It took me a few months to finally pick from the pile of hardware I had on my counter that I would look at every day.

So what color are you painting your walls? Are you painting your orange-tinted cabinets? I bet it will turn out great. If you want an extra set of hands to help the paint go up faster, let me know!

Anonymous said...

yes i agree that a little hardware can go a long way, the interesting thing is that i want to replace the hardware in my kitchen too BUT it matches other things in my home. i am repulsed by gold, we still boight the house.
i really like the handles, hopefully they will work for you in your kitchen.

Kristen said...

i like the hardware...i've never even seen your kitchen, but I like red., thats amazing that you both agreed on that. And yes, I'd say chrome is a color. So you'll paint white?

azufelt said...

for previous poster that hates gold:

I hate it too, it's hideous. here's my most beloved trick... a can of hammered spray paint does the trick! I have had some disgusting brass lamps in my house forever, that yes, I keep packing around with me. I finally got tired of them, and before I threw them out, I got a can of gun-metal-grey hammered finish spray paint and spray the heck out of them. They look like they were "supposed" to be that way. Nobody ever guesses that they started their life as a hideous brass lamp!

So, srapying hardware and fixtrues throughout your home, might be time consuming, BUT a very cost effective way of changing it to something that doesn't repulse you, until you can replace with your own pick.

Leann said...

Ok, I can't let this one go by....

You know I feel the same way! Except I actually did pick light yellow and have been happy.

First off, the hardware you picked is good. Here's why: 1) looks good 2) my parents have the handles that stick out past the part that connects to the cabinet and it has ripped many a pants (it looks kinda like _|__|_ if you connect the bottom bar, and imagined your looking down towards the ground at your cabinet) 3) knobs have the same issue as #2 4) THEY ARE SILVER! do I really need to say more?

Second off, Red and Blue? I understand, I'm not the country type either. Besides, a red wall should be used to awesome dramatic effects, not country kitchens. Like this rug or this dinner ware is an appropriate use of red and kitchen

But when it comes right down to it... I look for excuses to add more silver to my kitchen! hahaha. They look great!