Saturday, September 13, 2008

... And Then Scott's Head Exploded with Happiness

While we were visiting my best friend in Arizona, we got to go with them to a really great air museum. A very good time was had by all. In fact, it's a tough call whether the grown-ups or the kids enjoyed it more!

(Good thing Scott's got that diaper to cover up the plumber's crack action. The kid seriously needs to put a little weight on around the middle. To get pants long enough for him, I have to buy ones that are huge around the waist and then cinch them on with a belt. A belt on the tightest notch. A belt that came with 12 month size pants. SHEESH. Takes after his dad...)

Scott was "reading up" on this bomb.
I'm pretty sure the internal dialogue went something like this:
"Hmm... a 750 lb bomb. I need one of these babies at home..."

Oh yah, and also, there were fire engines. We're lucky Scott survived with the ability to be excited about anything else ever again still intact.

By the end of the day, Scott had finally stopped constantly exclaiming "Airplane! Airplane!" Perhaps he finally realized that he no longer needed to alert us to the presence of an airplane after about the 137th specimen.


Bart said...

THAT is cool. Scott's probably spoiled now, like you said. Christmas morning, the first day of school, his wedding day - boring! ;)

azufelt said...

Oh my goodness, I love it! ANd Scott looks EXACTLY what I would imagine M did as a wee boy!!!

And of course airplanes, are super cool in fact, I can't imagine having to spend a whole day is some sort of Princess marathon.... Unless it were described as Disney World, and then that's different!

Leann said...

Great summary of the day. It was sooo fun to see you guys, and it was hilarious after Scott finally decided to stop exclaiming Airplane! that he saw the fire engines and of course had to remind us that they were there. It was so fun!