Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What Goes Around Comes Around, Eventually

Or Good Things Come to Those Who Wait While Repeatedly Pestering the Other Insurance Company

About 3 weeks ago, I got a bill in the mail. It was for $1.50 in toll charges.
From December of 2007.

Our cars have RFID tags on them for going through the toll plazas, so we never stop to pay a toll. Back when our minivan was in the shop due to an accident, turns out that we thoughtlessly drove through a toll plaza in our rental car out of sheer habit. Apparently it took this long for them to track down who had been driving the rental car at the time and get the bill sent to us. Talk about lag time. And they went to all that effort for a buck fifty. I almost felt sorry for them, but I certainly didn't mind paying it considering there were no extra fees involved.

But speaking of lag times, today I got a check in the mail. For $692.77! We finally got reimbursed by the other guys' insurance for that same rental car. They finally accepted that their guy was at fault and got around to coughing up the cash. The accident was in November of 2007.

Apparently 18 months is just how long it takes for anyone to get the blame for stupid acts, be they of the $1.50-variety or the endangering-the-lives-of-4-people variety.


Corinda said...

Wow--I'm impressed the insurance co. paid up after all that time. That is lucky!

Bart said...

That's insane!

The time value of money makes your reimbursement less valuable now than it would have been back then.

But it's all good, because your delayed payment of the $1.50 worked out for your time-value benefit. It all evens out, right? Ha!

Kristen said...

wow, thats funny