Monday, March 15, 2010

At Least She's Making Use of Her Christmas Present

Riding the roller coaster of parenthood:

(The following photos were taken within 10 minutes of each other.)

"Mom won't let me do whatever ridiculous thing I asked for today.  I'll show her!  IN ALL CAPS TOO!!!"

"Oh crap!  I just saw Mom taking a picture of my 'I hate you' sign and she says she's gonna show Dad.  I know how to fix this! And perhaps using correct capitalization will butter her up even further!"


Crashnct said...

That's pretty funny.

Kristi said...

Oh man! I have to say that is a pretty good rendering of you on the love picture ;)

NaoMichael said...

That is CLASSIC!

Leann said...

Don't forget she added more color too! I can't believe she is 6! Wow! Happy Birthday Claire!