Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I Can't Quite Go So Far As To Call It "Incredible"

For Claire and Scott's birthdays they requested a camping trip.  Seeing as I am not 7 months pregnant this year and the humidity is not 100%, I'm optimistic that we will have a very enjoyable time.

Kate has been overseeing our camping preparations.

Here she is making sure the new monstrosity of a tent we bought will be big enough for her pack'n'play.  (M was making sure he knew how to set the new tent up in something less than four hours.)

Something about that fifth member of the family really becomes a tipping point.  Fortunately (unfortunately?) we had already succumbed to the minivan, but our cute little dome tent just wouldn't do anymore.  Our upcoming camping trip will be the inaugural voyage of our huge new green colored tent which I shall affectionately dub "The Hulk."

Any tips for camping with a baby?  She's an easy baby, but I've never done this baby camping thing before so I'm still nervous.


Leann said...

We camped overnight when Reid was 2 months old, and I swear we brought the whole house. We didn't need half of it. But how do you know which have you needed.
Pretty much, make sure you have shade, and clothes to help her be warmer/colder. And then mostly, just try to enjoy. :)

Corinda said...

Try not to camp near anyone else. Last summer we went camping with Aliya and were set for a great time until other campers arrived really late to set up, waking her up. They also had a baby, so Aliya and their baby took turns crying all night long. I felt sorry for all the other non-baby campers in the area. So next time we camp we will find a more remote campsite. Good luck!

stampinashley said...

The only tip I've got is: don't go.

Sorry to be such a downer... I'm not into camping with a load of kids!