Wednesday, August 10, 2011

When You're So Excited You Put Underwear on Over Your Clothes

We went back to school shopping the other day and while we were there I decided it was time to let Kate pick out some big girl underwear.  We went to the underwear aisle and I laid out all of her choices and told her to pick one.  She pointed at one.  Then another.  Then another.  So I tried to explain to her to pick just one and put it in the cart.  She picked one up, put it in the cart, then came back for another package and tried to put it in the cart too.

Obviously this was not working.  So I went ahead and narrowed it down to just three choices for her.  And told her to put just ONE in the cart.  So she proceeded to stack all three packages on top of each other and try to carry them all to the cart in one trip.  Ha!  Nice try Kate.

I know she's barely two, but I KNOW she understood me.  She was just trying to be tricky.  But finally I convinced her that she had to put all but one back and that did it.  She loves cleaning things up so we put all the others back on the rack and ended up with Hello Kitty panties.  Of course.

We proceeded to the checkout and as I thought we were about done checking out I looked over and realized that somehow Kate had gotten the package of underwear out of the cart and had opened it.  She had pulled three of the six pairs out of the package and was carefully unrolling them.  I quickly grabbed the package while she screamed in protest, had the checkout clerk scan it, then quickly gave it back to Kate.

By the time we got the car loaded and I was ready to put Kate in the car, she had managed to put her legs through the leg holes of two pairs of underwear. I went ahead and buckled her into her car seat still clutching her beloved package of underwear.  When we got home, she had four pairs of underwear put on as far as she could get them while still sitting buckled in her carseat.

Later when M came home, I told Kate to show him her beloved new underwear.  It took us all a moment to locate them.  She had taken Claire's new school backpack and had loaded it up with all six pairs of her new underwear and had been toting it all around the living room all evening.

I'm thinking she likes the underwear...


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