Friday, September 9, 2011

A Casual User

Kate is a casual potty user.

We tried potty training Kate earlier this week.  Originally I wasn't planning on it until she was much older, but it seemed like Kate had other plans.  So we gave it a go.

I don't know what we were thinking.  She didn't seem to mind when her underwear got wet.  (I think underwear is like an accessory to her, "YES!  We get to go try on another pair of underwear!")  She refused to go on the potty if I suggested it.  It was pretty miserable.

After two days of (confession!) me being in tears by late afternoon, we gave up.  Of course I'm wondering what I did wrong, but I think I have settled on not shouldering the blame too much myself.  Maybe she just isn't ready.  Maybe I'm just not ready for what it would take.  She's younger than Claire and Scott were when we potty trained them even though she's showing more signs of readiness than they did.  She talks, but nothing like Claire could at this age so I think there are some communication issues going on too.  I think we just need a little more time.

I've never been so happy to put a diaper on a child!  For now Kate seems to be content continuing to just use the potty when it's her idea and she's in the mood.  So most mornings when she wakes up and almost every night before bed, she gets the brilliant idea to use the potty.  Before I know it, she has stripped her diaper off herself and done her business.  Then she gets a few M&M's as reward and then we put her diaper back on.  And as long as I never suggest she use the potty, everything's good.  For now, this halfway state seems to be working.



Kelly M said...

That's the thing with kids- they're all so totally individual! I laugh when a mom with one child thinks she knows the perfect secret to potty training because it worked for them. Ha! I'm looking at potty training my 4th, and currently have no idea where to start with him. I hate it. I feel for you! :)

anitamombanita said...

I love reading about you and the kids...I'd say that 1/2 way is better than "NO way"!! Looks like your challenge in life with her will be to make her think that every great idea (you have) is hers and hers alone! Have fun!!

Liz H. said...

oh gretchen, we should talk and commiserate about our potty training woes. eva's peeing (and lack thereof ) has practically dominated our life for the last year and a half. *sigh*