Thursday, March 1, 2012

Okay, I'm Done Now

So, my blog redesign is officially complete.  C'mon over and check it out if you want.

If you've been here in the last few days and seen the constantly changing chaos, I'm very sorry.

I had been thinking about and planning my redesign when I made a rookie mistake and accidentally lost my old header.  Because I am an idiot.

So then I had no choice but to take the plunge and do the redesign.  It was nothing a little lack of sleep couldn't fix.  But I still had some things to finish and kinks to work out and I've been doing that the last few days.  It turns out it can be kind of hard to program in a language you don't actually know.  And it's hard to get Google to give you free answers when you don't even know what language you're working in.  But now it seems like nothing is broken.  At least not anymore.  It might have taken a dozen twenty fifty a few tries, but what's a few invalid variables between friends?

Now I declare it finished.  Please let me know if anything isn't working correctly and I'll promptly lose some more sleep over that too!


anitamombanita said...

I like it! Simple but casually elegant... ;)

Liz H. said...

looks great!

Michelle Walkenhorst said...

looks great!