Thursday, July 5, 2012


Have you ever noticed what vegetarians usually "cheat" on?  I mean, beyond the usual non-vegan addition of eggs and dairy.  (Because you know, we used to have a word for people who don't eat meat.  It was vegetarian.  But suddenly it seems like everyone just skips straight from normal to vegan and people forget this whole ovo-lacto distinction and it's really confusing and frustrating when trying to talk to hippies people about B vitamins...) It seems like the first animal a vegetarian is willing to eat is a fish.

Sometimes, I have an issue with this.  If your reason for being vegetarian is purely because you believe that meat will cause you to lead a life of misery and early death, then while I won't be joining you in not eating it, I have to let that one go because maybe fish is better for you than other meat.  Or if you believe that fish lead less miserable lives than other animals raised for meat in our society, then I guess I'll let that slide too.  But if you have issue with eating another animal because you value life, then THIS is what I have an issue with.

If you value all life, then why does a fish have less right to life than a chicken?  I mean, just because fish are all scaly and don't blink doesn't mean they're worse than kittens.  I propose that if you value life, then eating a smaller animal like a fish or chicken is worse because more animals have to die to provide the same amount of meat.  Whereas, one cow can feed a lot of people.

Thus I propose a new way to eat.  I call it being a gigantavore.  Eat meat from the largest animal possible so that the fewest number of animal lives are lost to feed the largest number of people.

Anyone know a good source of sustainably farmed whale???


Kim said...

This is great. I have never heard the reasoning of eating fish is because their lives are less valuable than other animals.
For me, I don't eat a lot of meat at all but when I do, I choose fish. I like fish better than anything else and it is better for me. I will take a tuna steak over a ribeye any day :)

reneemaconberry said...

If the choice is made to abstain from eating meat because it is cruel to eat something that lives, is it not just as cruel to pick, cook or even eat raw a vegetable/fruit? If everything on this earth was created as spirit first and then in a physical form, it seems logical that we should treat all with equal respect. We can show respect by offering thanks for all that has been provided for us, and be good stewards of our earth.