Monday, July 30, 2012

Photography Challenge Day #18 - Your Shoes

My shoes kept me smiling during a hectic day at church yesterday.

But I'm gonna let you in on a little secret:
The bows aren't part of the shoes.  They tie over the top of a pair of black low cut little socks that I wore with my usual black heels. My aunt gave these socks to me awhile ago, and I wish I knew how to get more.  Though it's sometimes hard to find something to wear them with, I LOVE them.  I am one sweaty-footed girl.  (I know you were all dying to know that.)  I get SO jealous of all you people running around in cute shoes with no socks.  If I try it not only do I always seem to get blisters, but the insoles of my shoes come completely unglued and everything just goes haywire.  I can't really wear shoes without some kind of sock or liner, but these make it so I don't have to hide my secret socks.  They turn my problem into something fun!

Maybe I need to just try making some more of these myself!


I want to force myself to practice taking photos a little more, so I'll be posting for this 30 Day Photography Challenge even though the "official" challenge is over.  However, posts are definitely not daily.

My rules for my self are:
1 - Take everything in manual mode
2 - No post-processing, only SOOC

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update on your
sox life!