Thursday, July 16, 2015

Expedition Log: AC Incident (Ongoing)

Day 1

I returned from a recreational excursion late last night to find out from the co-leader of this expedition that the upstairs air conditioner was no longer operational. The system was installed a mere 7 months ago, so I am unconcerned. The residual cool was sufficient to sleep in my bed and the AC repairman said he will call early tomorrow morning. The only negative impact was some difficulty preparing our party for worship services. Cosmetics are difficult to apply while sweating.

Day 2

It is now 10 in the morning and there has been no word from the AC repairman. We radioed a distress call to AC headquarters and have received word that help should arrive by 16:00 CDT. Last night the 3 natives in our party and myself abandoned base camp for an outpost downstairs. It is fortunate that the downstairs functions on a separate system. It is also fortunate that school is not in session for the natives, allowing them a more flexible schedule. It was possible to convince the natives that the temporary bedding and communal sleeping situation was a rare and desirable opportunity.

Day 3

At 30 minutes prior to the AC repairman deadline yesterday, we had still received no word of their impending arrival. Headquarters was contacted and it was announced that help had just departed with a trajectory straight towards us. Upon arrival, the repairman did a full diagnostic and discovered the source of the malfunction. Now they have mounted a search and rescue operation for the necessary part. Optimistic estimates put them finding the part by end of day today, but sometime tomorrow is more likely. Last night the natives and I again bunked down in the living room to avoid the heat. Rotation of air mattress types kept things fresh for the natives and I added reinforcements to the support level of the cushions on the couch. The upstairs has become a veritable no-mans-land.

Day 4

Received word that the part has been found, but before the system designer will allow it's use, an experimental new operation must be attempted. Attempt should be made sometime today. My colleague M has now abandoned base camp as well. My weathered joints struggled to accommodate the camping pad I was left to use last night. Many tasks need doing back at base camp, but return trips are becoming less and less frequent.

Day 5

It has been five days since I dared to venture upstairs for more than a few minutes at a time. Things are looking grim. The operation was only partially effective. No radio contact from HQ since. The natives are growing restless. Couch again tonight.

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