Monday, June 13, 2016

Tiny Torch - Not So Tiny in My Book

So I've been trying out Tiny Torch as a way to post for my Jamberry business and for running online parties. It's been extremely helpful! In my book, the whole point of running your own business like being a Jamberry Independent Consultant is to keep your schedule flexible and spend more family time. But the best times to post are always in the evenings when I should be with family.

Thanks to Tiny Torch, I can post at the "best" time to get seen, but still stay sitting at the dinner table with my family, or spend the evening on "Netflix and chill" with my hubby. It also helps me spread out my posts when I get a burst of posting ideas. I can create them all at once, but spread out when they actually post!

Other than one short time when there was an outage and my posts didn't show up for awhile, I've found Tiny Torch to be extremely reliable in the about 6 months I've been using it.
So I'm reviewing how helpful Tiny Torch has been in hopes of getting a free upgrade to Pro! I'd love to be able to post even more and to be able to post multiple pictures! *fingers crossed*

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