Monday, December 10, 2007

7 things about G

So G got tagged to blog about 7 things you wouldn't normally know about her but she didn't know what to write.... M to the rescue

7 Things you wouldn't usually know about G:

1) She got stuck teaching an aerobics class in Provo when the original teacher got too pregnant to do it everyday.

2) She is a post-stressor. That means the world can fall apart on her daughters wedding day and she will be calm and in control... until the world gets put back together. Then she falls apart. No really, falls apart, just later.

3) She has a ridiculous collection of socks. Christmas socks, Valentine's day socks, Halloween socks, Polkadot day socks, you name it.

4) She prefers semi-automatic shotguns because they don't kick as bad and she's tool lazy too pump in the next round for the second clay. Specifically this one.

5) Her favorite painter is Rothko. Bonus points if you already knew who Rothko is. I didn't.

6) Her EE degree isn't in Elementary Education and she can't stand SWE.

7) She can't eat ice cream cones without getting ice cream all over her face. You wouldn't know this because she wisely doesn't eat ice cream cones in public.


Sheyenne said...

Hey! I used to have quite the collection of socks myself. I LOVE holiday socks. So I'm right there with you on that one. But that Rothko guy, seriously, what do you see in him? I could paint you a couple of rectangles if you like them so much. And please of please post a picture of you eating an ice cream cone!

Bart said...

Excellent entry. I've seen some of Rothko's work, but it never occurred to me it might be someone's favorite art out there . . . :)

loonbug said...

Oh man... the hatred of SWE. This might have been a particular turning point in G's and my friendship, because I seriously think we would no longer be friends, if I had actually liked them.
The hatred goes so deep, that work wanted me to join so they could put me up for some award, and I told them I didn't belong to the group for ethical reasons.
(besides... I can already say I got money from Viagra, SWE really can't top that one)

Pickles & Dimes said...

So fun!

Also, I request a shooting entry at some point. How did you get interested in it, etc.? Please!