Monday, March 31, 2008

M Takes Over

G has foolishly left town for a week with me still listed as a contributing author and no oversight!

Look forward to a week of lusting after rear wheel drive cars and complaints about how the passat factory manual won't tell me where the connector is to recharge our AC system. No, really I'll try to stick to stuff that may be of remote interest to the regular readers of the blog :)

Todays nugget of joy:

If you have a child who rarely eats anything but pancakes it may be a little cruel to suddenly pull a pork chop dinner on them. Scott had a bit of a fit yesterday when he realized the slab of meat on my plate was not in any way related to a light quick bread. Such is life. At least he eats pancakes right?


azufelt said...

What is it with pancakes that kids like? That's all my girls want to eat also... ew, they even try to sneak the batter, like it's going to be good like cake or something. Gross.

Pickles & Dimes said...

Heh. You sound like Jason when I can't post and he updates in my absence.

I think all kids I know love pancakes without reason.