Monday, March 17, 2008

A Whole Lotta Lovin'

I love the smell of wet asphalt after rain. I love a cool breeze on warm sunny day. I love being barefoot. Barring that, I love wearing sandals. I love that glamorous, mysterious, and summery feeling of wearing sunglasses, even if it's cold out. I love the toasty smell of someone's fireplace on an autumn day. I love the song of birds in the trees as the sun comes up. I love the tranquility of a quiet jog in the morning on the hike and bike trail by my house. I love the quiet of a snow covered mountainside broken by the sound of my snowboard carving the snow. I love the whoosh sound the net makes when I make a shot in basketball. I love food. Shall I elaborate? Gladly. I love Thai food. I love the spicy sour flavor of yum nua as the warm beef contrasts with the crisp lettuce. I love Indian food. I love the tangy creamy spiciness of chicken tikka masala. I love Vietnamese food. I love a steaming hot bowl of Pho, with lots of bean sprouts, cilantro, fresh basil, lime juice, hoisin sauce and rooster sauce. I love making Japanese food at home. I love a grilled medium rare New York strip steak with lots of salt. I love fries, but only when they're dipped in ketchup mixed with Tabasco sauce. I love Chili's Buffalo chicken salad. I love fresh, crisp Cameo apples. I love fresh blueberries. I love sauteed fresh green beans. I love chilled blanched asparagus. I love artichoke dipped in lemon butter. I love Bufalo chipotle hot sauce. I love my mom's apple pie and none others. I love sparkling water. I especially love to sip sparkling water or shorle out of nice stemware and how it feels so cultured. I love chocolate. I love cocoa covered truffles that melt in your mouth. I love eating warm (chocolate) baked goods that you haven't let cool as long as you're "supposed" to. I love semi-sweet chocolate chips and not being disappointed because someone used milk chocolate ones in a dessert. I love See's candy dark chocolate truffles. I love driving too fast and cornering too hard. I love listening to rock music turned up too loud. I love closing my eyes and listening to classical music. I love playing Christmas music on my classical guitar. I love the slippery rough feeling of moving my fingers across steel wrapped nylon guitar strings. I love the band CAKE. I love sitting outside and reading poetry. I love looking through a camera lens. I love watercoloring. I love making greeting cards. I love writing things by hand with nice ball point pens. I love sending snail mail. I love watching movies with the subtitles on. I love when you have a long straight seam and you can get your sewing machine going fast enough to roar. I love putting pins through the holes in buttons. I love measuring tapes. I love poking a hole with the spindle on my sewing machine into a new spool of thread. I love solving math problems. I love integrals and derivatives. I love using power tools. I love Allen wrenches, needle nose pliers, and drill bits. I love machined metal. I love stainless steel. I love white dishes. I love glass serving pieces. I love glass pitchers. I love huge white bath sheets. I love hot showers when I don't need to wash my hair or shave my legs. I love wearing new contacts. I love choker necklaces and stud earrings. I love fugly green clothes. I love black shoes. I love skater shoes. I love dark lipstick. I love my wedding ring. I love the feeling of my fingernails when I finally trim them short. I love painting my toenails, but never in reds or pinks. I love the feeling of my teeth right after I've been to the dentist for a cleaning. I love speaking in public. I love speaking. I love big words. I love Trivial Pursuit. I love using a reading lamp. I love sharp pencils and big erasers. I love clear grid rulers. I love using the computer. I love figuring out new software. I love changing computer code. I love figuring out new programming languages. I love blogging.


I better stop now even though I feel like I could go on and on...
I thought I'd try my hand at She Likes Purple's "Love List." My friends have been doing it, so I hopped on the bandwagon. The rules said I couldn't list anything about people I know.


Janssen said...

THIS is a good list.

Pickles & Dimes said...

Great list! I love listening to classical music too. And I love the band CAKE. What's your favorite song of theirs? Mine's "Short Skirt/Long Jacket" (and I liked it before it was used as the theme song for "Chuck").