Tuesday, October 21, 2008

[Insert Name Here]'s Law

Once upon a time about ten years ago, I knew this guy. He was a friend of a good friend I was almost kinda dating. He coined the following phrase:

The only difference between Romeo and a stalker is the girl's opinion.

How true is that? (Can you say "Edward"?)

Fickle, fickle women... *shaking head*

I determined to remember this insight. In fact, I called it a law and spread its wisdom. I have pulled this law out time and again over the years because it is just so true and explains so much. I told a whole lot of friends about it for a few years after I first heard it. Then about 6.5 years ago, I was telling one of those friends that I was engaged.

Suddenly, I saw realization dawn on their face.
"You're marrying M? Like THE M? The M of M's Law?!?!?"

So you see, I created a celebrity and then I married him to mooch off his fame.


Bart said...

It's too bad M's name is not Murphy, because then he could claim both laws. Or maybe it would just be confusing and you'd have to call this M's Rule, or something. Either way, I agree with it.

Leann said...

LOL!!!! hahahah! I love it.

M said...

So this all came about when trying to explain to someone why guys aren't more romantic and spontaneous. Romeo was the best example I could come up with on the spot. Allow me to elaborate. Your at a party and this awesome girl seems like she's starting to get into you. What do you do? Let's just say you decide to sneak into her garden and recite some poetry. If you're right and she is into you, you're in luck because today you are Romeo and you win an all expense paid trip to trueLoveEverAfterLand. If you're wrong you are a stalker and you get.... big guys with swords. How do you figure out which one it will be? Simple, you don't. You hope some other girl will actually tell you she thinks your hot and then you get trueLoveEverAfterLand without the risk of ending up on a pike out side some city gate.