Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Step #2 - Bend a Spoon with Your Mind

So I picked up Connect 4 as a Christmas present for the kiddos the other day. (Shhh... don't ruin the surprise.)

M and I were looking at the directions on the back about how to play:

Man, apparently I'm not very good at this game because I've never gotten my pieces to levitate like that. Have you?!?!?


Ralphie said...

This is an awesome Christmas present. I think I might copy you! And I've been practicing step #2 all morning. I think I'm getting the hang of it.

azufelt said...

Only you. !

Love the game, maybe a good gift idea...?

I'm with R on this... I practiced #2 this afternoon for 15 minutes, it went well, except the levitatiing part... hhhmmm...

Bart said...

I haven't played that in years! I used to play with my older brother (and get beaten, mostly).

What a great gift!