Monday, December 29, 2008

What I Didn't Get for Christmas

I really want a Kitchenaid stand mixer. I've wanted one for awhile. It's on the short list of things I didn't get for my wedding. (Never fear, the mandoline shortage has been remedied by a Christmas gift from my fabulous sister. It pays to blog right before Christmas about kitchen implements you don't have!) I've finally made a deal with myself that I'll sell my old snowboarding equipment and use the money to mostly pay for a stand mixer.

Seriously, why do I still have snowboarding equipment? I live in TEXAS. I'm pretty sure because I had deluded myself into thinking that made me still "cool." I don't know who I think I'm kidding. I'm not that person anymore. I am officially a total lame-o. I have two kids. I'm almost thirty. I think a wild night is staying up past midnight to play Boggle. I don't even watch TV anymore. I spend my spare time blogging about my boring suburban life. The snowboard wasn't fooling anyone.

Note to self: Next time sell the snow specific sporting goods BEFORE you move away from Utah.

After much feet dragging, I came up with a plan. I succeeded in transporting my equipment to my parents' house over the summer. At least they have Taho about four hours away. Then I listed the equipment on Craigslist there.

The snowboard sold about two months ago. Don't tell anyone, but when I got the news, I actually cried. Apparently I have issues. I'm still waiting on the boots though. I keep relisting them. Every. Seven. Days. Stupid short listing time for Craigslist in the SF Bay Area.... grumble, grumble.

And so I'm stuck in stand mixer limbo. I have most of the money since the board was worth a lot more than the boots. But technically not all of it. I've been watching the price for the mixer model I want, and it's even on sale right now. But alas, the boots continue not to sell.

And then it happened.

I must confess, I'm pretty bad. I abuse hand mixers. I've always known this about myself, so when we registered for our wedding, I asked for a hand mixer with a little more umph. I guess it was worth it because that mixer lasted over six years. It lasted until I was rushing to make food on Christmas Eve to be exact. Long ago I had pushed the slowest speed beyond it's limits so that you had to turn it up to the second highest speed for it to even turn on, but other than that it had kept plugging along. Apparently asking the poor thing to mix two and a half pounds of inadequately softened cream cheese (cheesecake with ganache and strawberry sauce anyone?) was just too much to ask. I heard it moan and complain, but it's lazy and always does that to try and get out of work. I wrote the book on that get-out-work technique. But I guess this time it had really had enough and it stopped.

I still thought there might be hope, but then I saw it. Smoke. Every good engineer knows that there is magic smoke inside all electronics that makes them work, and if you let the smoke out, it's over. I let the smoke out. All hope was lost.

So I called upstairs to M and said, "So should I go to Costco and pick up the Kitchenaid, or will you?"

Ha ha. Nice try. In the end, we decided that Target was much closer and I shouldn't buy the stand mixer on a "whim" when I had said I would wait for the snowboard boots to sell and in the future I might want a hand mixer in addition to a stand mixer anyway. So M hurried off to buy another hand mixer at Target while I gave the cream cheese an actual chance to soften or something. Because things you've been wanting to buy for years and have actual plans to purchase in the near future are just too much of an "impulse purchase" for frumpy old people like us who heartlessly sell the last link to our adventurous youth.

At least my new hand mixer is even more powerful than my last one. Maybe this one will survive for ten years, or maybe even until my snowboard boots sell!

Anybody looking to buy some really nice strap in snowboard boots in a women's size 10???


Jules said...

I feel your pain! I cried when I finally sold my ski stuff and my fabulous full length wool coat with an awesomely lined hood (for some reason, those aren't stylish in Texas- go figure that) and I too hauled it all from Utah.

I hope your boots sell soon. Then I can add you to my list of people that I envy for their kitchen aid stand mixer ownership status (yes, it really does exist). :)

Vernon Mauery said...


I just put my snowboarding gear on craigslist this week. I already have a stand mixer (an over-rated piece of kitchen hardware IMNSHO), but I figured I could get the wireless hardware to finish off my gateway/router/accesspoint, a new VHF antenna to put in the attic to capture those shiny HDTV channels, and a dual HDTV tuner card for my MythTV box. (It's not quite enough to pay for all of that, but I also have some miscellaneous hardware that might fetch another $50 on ebay.)

Anyway, we get tons more snow here in Oregon that you do in Texas, so used snowboarding gear is in higher demand. (We actually just had a storm snow us in for about 2 weeks. It was wild.) Some guy made an offer already, so we will see if it pans out. I hope so. I want my toys.

Oh, and as a final note, don't get a kitchenaid unless you spring for the biggest, most powerful one ever. We got the 4 1/2 quart 325 watt one, which says it can handle 12 C. of flour. I made a batch of bread (4 loaves) with 12 C. of flour and made it smoke. My mother-in-law swears by her Bosch and makes the same bread recipe, sans smoke. So if you have a penchant for killing mixers, go straight to the top and don't settle for a weenie kitchenaid.

stampinashley said...

Ew, unfortuntaley, 10's aren't my size.... yeah, I wear a size 9... and I ALREADY HAVE MY OWN BOOTS, BINDINGS, AND BOARD...

What's the deal with us? I totally felt you on that selling the alst piece of your youth. In fact, I have asked to sell it for some time now but TJ won't let me.

I like my kitchenaide, it's only now, after 7 years that I *think* it might be dying... then again, Bosch makes good tools and such... so I'm sure a man would go with a Bosch... TJ, however, would probably buy whichever brand Alton Brown uses.

Kristen Duke said...

awww, come on...just give yourself an advance....its probably harder because of the specific sizing, etc. don't you know anyone going from cali to utah? might sell better there.

Jessica & Nathan said...

We were thinking about getting you the kitchenaid, but we couldn't pay that much even if everyone you know had teamed up.
You could actually spend the Costco monies on the mixer if you want to.