Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Telephone Homophones

Before Christmas, I was talking to my sister J on the phone. She asked if she could talk to M to see what he thought of her idea for a Christmas gift for me. Afterward I found out that the conversation went something like this:

J: Do you think Gretchen would like a mandoline for Christmas?
M, with a puzzled expression: Uh... no.
J: Do you know what a mandoline is?
M: Do YOU know what it is?
J: Yah, I just thought she might like one since she doesn't have one.
M: Why would she want one?
J: All right, never mind. I guess I'll come up with a different idea.

Now I already had an inkling that J was thinking of getting me a mandoline, and I loved the idea, so I was horribly curious. Even though I only heard M's side of this conversation, I was almost sure I knew what had happened. You see, I am fluent in both M-ish and J-ese. So then M and I had this conversation:

G: So what was her idea then?
M: She wanted to get you a mandolin!
G: Why is that a bad idea? I'd love that.
M: You WOULD???
G: What item exactly are you thinking of when she says that?
M: The musical instrument that's like a lute or something.
G: Yah, I was afraid of that. She means a kitchen tool for slicing. I better call her back...


Janssen said...

Oh man, I can just imagine M thinking "what a ridiculous gift idea!"

Bart said...

Until the end of this post, I was thinking, "Gretchen rocks for wanting a mandolin." You rock regardless, but that would have gotten you a spot in the band.

Jessica & Nathan said...

I just thought it was hilarious when M said he knew what a mandoline was and was still against the idea. And I didn't hear the disgust in his voice or else I think I would have caught on a little faster. It was hilarious though.

Pickles and Dimes said...

HAHAHAHHA. But with a mandolin, you could slice AND play music!

azufelt said...

Oh my goodnes... yeah, that one made me laugh good!! Seriously... like a flute or something? AH HA HA!!! Awesome!

(just so I can be totally cool and on the "in" with the kitchen tools... I have a Mandolin, and actually really enjoy it.)

Leann said...

LOL! That's like me and my parents. I have to translate for them. NOt sure how they made it 40 years without me.

Anonymous said...

i would like both for christmas please. the instrument and the kitchen tool. i am sure i would never use the instrument though. anyway, did you get it?