Thursday, January 29, 2009

How Can 1+1= -1?

We've probably all heard of the idea that 1+1=3. Synergy, right?

M and I can totally see how a good marriage relationship results in synergy. We get more done, we're happier, we can do stuff that neither of us can do alone. You might think this means that M and I should spend as much time together as possible so we can work our synergy mojo. Not so.

My kids have mastered disergy.

Married couples and siblings are two very different things. It is often better for either M or I to go somewhere else, ANYWHERE else, and take one of the children with us. Either of the kids by themselves can be downright enjoyable. But get them together?

Not an additive function.


Pickles and Dimes said...

So true. I just read an article on Julianne Moore and she said, "It's not that taking care of a child is hard; it's hard to do anything else while you're caring for a child."

K said...

I'm so glad my kids aren't to that age yet, although I'm sure it's coming soon!

The Four Redheads said...

I agree with you on this one--having one kid at a time is HEAVEN! What is it about two kids being together that creates so much chaos? Although, I love those moments where I do catch them playing nicely together.

Kelly M said...

Oh, the days of "I take one and you take one. . . " That was nice. Now if either of us wants one alone the other is stuck with 3- and it happens! But the older they get the better they play together, so it's not too bad.